Payment Card Policy

For stays including or commencing on or after February 27, 2019, if you choose to place a payment card on your resort folio account for expenses and incidental charges, the following terms and conditions apply:

  • An authorization hold for the remainder of any balance due on the reservation and an additional $100 for estimated incidental expenses will be placed on the card on the scheduled arrival date. Additional authorization holds will be placed on the card, through and until the end of check-out day, as incidental expenditures exceed the amount previously authorized on the card.
  • If the card on file is declined for the required initial authorization hold, you must provide another card or other means of payment for charging privileges.
  • If an incremental authorization is declined, charging privileges for that card will be removed and you will be required to provide an alternate means of payment for any outstanding balance and/or future incidental charges.
  • For reservations longer than 5 days, the card on file will be charged the current balance on the resort folio(s) on every fifth day of your stay and on the day of check-out. Additional authorization holds and charges will be placed on the card as specified in these terms and conditions.
  • Subject to these terms and conditions, your charging privileges will continue through and until the end of check-out day. If expenses are posted to your resort folio(s) on check-out day, the card on file will be charged for these expenses on check-out day or the day after check-out.
  • If you choose to change the method of payment from the card you placed on file, you must do so using online check-in prior to arrival or at the front desk. The acceptance of the alternate payment form may be subject to different terms and conditions.
  • You represent that you have the right to and do authorize the owners of the Walt Disney World Resort and/or their affiliates to charge the card(s) linked to your resort reservation(s) the full amount due, which may include any balance due on your resort folio(s), including incidental Disney Resort resort charges, parking fees, rental fees, extensions of your stay, smoking recovery fees, any property damage or loss due to your negligence or willful conduct, and any other miscellaneous charges. You understand that your card(s) will be charged for all amounts due on your folio(s) without any further action on your part based on the authorization you have granted.
  • Acceptance of a card payment is subject to approval by the issuing financial institution; the transactions that appear on your itemized folio(s) will be charged to your payment card account(s) that you have previously placed on file and will be transmitted electronically without further approval from you and that your personal liability for this account is not waived if another person, company or association is billed, but fails to pay.

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